To Alan  

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Hey  Alan,

One of my hard drive blew up on me and i have ended up losing a lot of the work, however i do have some earlier versions saved on my external HDD. So i am working back up from about week 2, so ill try my best to finish everything by tonight or tomorrow. Sorry I know I should have backed up better there is no excuse, but i just forgot. I am very disappointed in myself :(

Final Concepts!  

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My last final Concept!  

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I have yet to add a few more details but this is the castle in the never ending story but i have kind of changed things around a bit and made it  float around. Few more good hours of work i should be done and ready for tommorow.

Research - Castles  

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I did a bit more research as i wanted to place some castles in my concepts, so to get an idea of how castles were designed i looked up some pictures and a bit of history.


The last image is my favourite really love the gothic feel to the castle and the whole environment looks amazing. These have given me some great ideas that i can take forward and think about.


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Let me first confess that I absolutely loved ALIEN. This movie took horror films too a new level. This film takes the audience on a excursion into a nightmare where you feel you can never wake up from. The errie feeling of the dark and foreboding ship, likeable characters, the first real looking cyborg with his own agenda, and the most terrifying creature in movie history, makes this an instant classic.

The story is a classic Sci-Fi flick. The working class crew of the spaceship Nostromo  encounter an unknown distress call that leads them to a primordial planet. There they encounter a derelict spaceship housing the skeletal remains of an alien victim . Kane is attacked by a “face-hugger” that emerges from an egg and latches onto his face and implants a seed in his stomach . Back on ship, the alien spawn eats its way out of his chest and grows into an upright monstrosity that kills off most of the rest of the crew, their efforts to defend themselves hampered by the fact that Ash, their science officer (Ian Holm), turns out to be a robot programmed to retrieve a living alien, for the benefit of the anonymous “Company” that funded the mission. Finally, sole survivor Ripley sets the self-destruct mechanism and takes off in the escape pod — only to find the alien inside with her. She manages to don a spacesuit and unlock a hatch, blowing the creature out into the vacuum of space — and blowing it away with the escape pods thruster engines for good measure.

Overall the movie was brilliant and a all time classic, every corner had you gripping your seat from pure classic horror. One of the best movies i have seen but have to say the sequels were rather disappointing but entertaining nevertheless.

More Research!  

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When i was out i came across a really nice place which i could take ideas from for some concepts so i took the following picture hoping they would inspire me.

 These pictures were taken with my iphone so not fantastic quality, but they were purely for refrence purpose, such as thr sky, lanscapes, grass and buildings.

The Haunting  

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Overall I found this movie to be frustrating, though. The haunting scenes were all terrific, but they were interspersed with dull lectures on the supernatural by Dr. Markway. Julie Harris' portrayal of Eleanor was detailed and sensitive, but it was constantly undercut by Luke, the annoying heir to Hill House. This movie's idea of comic relief is for Luke to deliver yet another line about how much money he'll make from selling the house.

Another fact was the elanors voice, it almost made me want to walk out, it was rather annoying. However the general plot was interesting and the movie managed to give you a sense of foreboding and supernatural.

Research #1 Landscapes  

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Just some quick look at other landscape concept arts to give me some ideas and food for thought. As i am new to this i just want to get a grasp on the idea of how you draw things out.

 I was taking a look at lots of different artists doing different kinds of scenenic views, the most famous on would be feng Zhu who is a well known hollywood concept artist.

Digital Workshop #2  

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This time i was looking to create a scene with a bit of water and yet include some  landscapes at the background as well. During the lesson phil was always at hand to help me out which was great, i went ahead using the knowledge i gained last week and started working on my concept.  This is what i came up during the third Digital Workshop lesson.

So this was the end result of what i made, i was very pleased with the result, not bad for the second time huh? Through the next few concepts i am going to do i am going to take this idea forward.

The Night of the Hunter  

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The Night of the Hunter truly is one of the weirdest movies ever i have seen, but also one of the most wonderful.  It’s very hard to categorise and it’s easy to see how audiences didn’t respond to it at the time with all its pure symbolism.  Many films before and since had contained crooked or fallen preachers, but this protagonist is no joke  Harry Powell is one of the most psychotically evil and self-righteous people in movie history and it could so easily have become pantomime in the wrong hands.

From what i could find Laughton had never directed before and the film’s failure stoped him from ever directing again, but stars Mitchum and Gish kept championing him and the film and time has proven them right. This is a film about so many themes that one could analyse it to death, primarily the symbolism of mother earth and the beauty that our planet provides, as well as the more obvious one which is children.

Yet what i really love about the movie was the underlieing classic type of a story, more of "old school" topic now i would say. I actually loved the movie personally and thought it had some great twists and plots in it.

Kish Finnegan  

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Now i started looking at the actual film a bit more and was going through the different casts and then i came across the name Kish Finnegan, i had come across this name somewhere so i went ahead did some research. I found out that she was the costume designer of  never ending story film. After several attempts to find some of her work i was able to come across some of the designs she did for the film.

The following were the designs she did for some of the main characters in the movie, i found them to be very artistic pieces of work. Once you watch the movie you can clearly see were the costumes were used and they were very effective at portraying the characters they were used on.

Robert Klingelhoefer  

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While looking further into the never ending story and Michael Ende, i found out that the main scene design for the film was Robert Klingelhoefer. He was already a popular figure with designing sccenes, but he mostly worked with theaters and such. Below are a few of the designs he did for the neverending story, you can also see that he adds characters into each design to give me the scene a sense of size.

These were some of the early scene designs done by Robert Klingelhoefer and for its time i have to say they are quite impressive.

Digital Art and Workshops  

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Once again I was quite fearful of how I would manage digital paintings, as i have never used a tablet before at all. Once i got to the lesson phil was really helpful and showed me some really good techniques. and also gave me some tips on how to work with digital art. This helped me get started on the drawings straight away, at first, things didn't look so great due to my lack of experience but as time went on i could see how the design was taking form slowly.

I have to say I enjoyed it a lot more than drawing in real life, as it seems easier to put what i am thinking onto paper well in this case the computer. If you make mistakes you can easily go back and correct or change it, which is another aspect I love about digital painting. The drawing tablet is just great and it really allows the user to be flexible their work. I am just going to show a few of the digital painting I did in the digital workshops.

This is the first every digital art i have done (ever), I was trying to make a scene which would be related to the never ending story. There are many scenes were you see the character is flying over mountains and forest.s So keeping that in mind i was able to come up with this concept. firstly I did a major part of the concept on one layer, however after a while phil came over and explained how it would be better to make the concepts using foreground, mid and background layers. So following the advice and these principles i was able to draw the image above.

Michael Ende  

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After researching Michael Ende i found some rather interesting information, even though there is hardly any history or information regarding this character. I came across some small details about his past and what influenced him in the writing of the never ending story.

Once i got digging i found that the main set design for the never ending story was inspired by the surreal art of Edgar Ende, Michael Ende’s father. Edgar was a renowned surreal artist himself of his time and looking through some of his work I found some very interesting work. The below are a few examples of his work that I found very fascinating as I think they give a strong message to the viewers.

 The first painting is my favourite as its bout a business meeting that went terribly wrong, so the painting represents how he felt at the moment and it also to me looks he used the colours to portray his emotions at the moment of time.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari  

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When I watched this movie for the first time in class, at first I found it profoundly hard to understand the story with the lack of sound. This was my very first time for watch a movie of this type, at the beginning I found it quite boring and dull. However as the story progressed i began to grasp the story and gain a better understanding of the characters in the movie. I have to say that the actors expressions were fantastic, as they were compensating for the lack of sound through there expressions. Which in no way would have been easy, so i have to hand it to the actors on their talent.

Towards the end I was well immersed into the characters and the main storyline, i have say even thought I wasn't one of my favourite the movie was very unique and interesting to watch.  Once again the cameras and scenes used into the movies were create for its time. Even though I would never watch a silent movie this particular one was very fascinating to me.

Essay Question  

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I have been thinking about all the different movies that I have found inspirational. I made a list of the ones that I enjoyed very much. So had a list of movies such as 300, Gladiators, alien and also had some games such as prince of Persia, mass effect and Bioshock. So after contemplating for a while I was able to come up with the answer that I will be writing up about the movie "Gladiator" as I found it has a lot of history and facts behind the movie and the as its one of my personal favourites.