Final Piece  

Posted by Aj

I have finally finished the scene, its looking good from were it was and i am quite proud of it.  If i had more time i would have liked to add a  lot more to the scene to get it to its full potential. So looking forward to the future maya project so i can push it further. I need to learn a lot more about texturing and lighting, especially the use of mental ray.

Maya Project #1  

Posted by Aj

So far i have done most of the models and added them to the scene, I have got a few more models and things to add. So it as been coming along quite good, now just working on modelling a puppet which i am finding very hard. Going to see if I can pull of something that at least looks like a puppet. Should be finished in a couple of hours.

If anyone wants their cloth like materials looking realistic i would really recommend using ncloth, lovely feature within maya and it really enables you to simulate the properties of cloths on your objects. Now i feel like giving up feeling absolutely sick :(

Refrence Imagery  

Posted by Aj

Here are some of the references I looked at while I was working on my models for the room.

Our Wonderful Nature  

Posted by Aj

I had to write something about this little animation alan showed us during the last lesson, its was a rather funny and entertaining video. The animations was done with such detail, at first it looked like a real video, it's no wonder it got number one at the Aniboom Awards 2008. Officially one of my favourite animation out there at the moment.

Unit 3 Project  

Posted by Aj

Should have posted this earlier on, nevertheless looking at the subject of uncanny and things that are very familiar with me. Two things always kept coming to mind, which was a bedroom and puppets. For some reason these two have always created a great sense of ambiguity for me in movies and imagery. For this reason my project is going to be based on this idea. I am going to creating a kids bedroom but with a twist, were the child would be replaced by the puppet.

Here some of the initial drawings that i did a while back, but didn't get a chance upload them.

Pardon the rather bad sketeches but i was just putting the ideas i had in mind down on paper.

Sampler Info Node  

Posted by Aj

Covering some of the the more advanced texturing aspect of maya.

 Blood Cells

Water Droplets

Book Double Sided


Santa's Hat  

Posted by Aj

Great fun and was ideal for Christmas holidays.


Fun with Fur 2  

Posted by Aj

Mixing presets with custom fur was quite interesting and i picked up a few pointers on it too. Well here are the rest of the results with i got by mixing the presets with customs.

Bear + Bison

bear baldness

Bear Plain

Bear shadow


Polar bear Self darkness

Polar bear Lambert

Polar bear + Length

porcupine Fur plain

Sheep and porcupin

Fun with Fur 1  

Posted by Aj

Quite useful for me as i can use it towards my project, which is a great help. Have to say thanks to Alan for the great ideas for the technical classes and it was good fun to play around with too.

Pirates Cove  

Posted by Aj

Managed to finish off with ease as it was quite straight forward but very time consuming, nevertheless been pushing myself to catch up with the previous work. Learned a lot about texturing which i can hopefully put towards future projects.


Catch up - Street Project  

Posted by Aj

I am finally done with all of the previous Maya work, have to say it feels great. So i can finally get on with my this terms projects. Just sucks that i am coming down with some sort of flu and my eyes hurt if i look at the screen argh :(

House Completed

Occlusion Pass

Colour Pass

Final Render