The Haunting  

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Overall I found this movie to be frustrating, though. The haunting scenes were all terrific, but they were interspersed with dull lectures on the supernatural by Dr. Markway. Julie Harris' portrayal of Eleanor was detailed and sensitive, but it was constantly undercut by Luke, the annoying heir to Hill House. This movie's idea of comic relief is for Luke to deliver yet another line about how much money he'll make from selling the house.

Another fact was the elanors voice, it almost made me want to walk out, it was rather annoying. However the general plot was interesting and the movie managed to give you a sense of foreboding and supernatural.

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You're right - the 'dull lectures' frustrate me too - but it's partly due to the erratic sound quality of the talk-track. Poor old Eleanor - she seems to annoy everyone! :-) Personally, I feel rather sorry for her, but I think my favourite character is the housekeeper, Mrs Dudley - 'no one will hear you - in the dark'...

and it's good to hear your thoughts on these movies - only next time, it would make sense to get in synch with the timetable and the blog - you'll see that your classmates waste little time in getting their thoughts 'out there'.

18 November 2009 at 23:41

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