The Night of the Hunter  

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The Night of the Hunter truly is one of the weirdest movies ever i have seen, but also one of the most wonderful.  It’s very hard to categorise and it’s easy to see how audiences didn’t respond to it at the time with all its pure symbolism.  Many films before and since had contained crooked or fallen preachers, but this protagonist is no joke  Harry Powell is one of the most psychotically evil and self-righteous people in movie history and it could so easily have become pantomime in the wrong hands.

From what i could find Laughton had never directed before and the film’s failure stoped him from ever directing again, but stars Mitchum and Gish kept championing him and the film and time has proven them right. This is a film about so many themes that one could analyse it to death, primarily the symbolism of mother earth and the beauty that our planet provides, as well as the more obvious one which is children.

Yet what i really love about the movie was the underlieing classic type of a story, more of "old school" topic now i would say. I actually loved the movie personally and thought it had some great twists and plots in it.

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