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Visual Identidy + DVD Templates.  

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Here is my DVD templates and the visual identity i have come up with for myself. I have always used AJ Designs as my logo in school and college. I gave it  a boost to  add a bit more flavour the logo. I had to create the DVD Templates rather quickly due to the deadlines, but it should do the job.

Pre-Vis Renders  

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Here some basic renders i took once again last week, i will be adding more  renders to the list soon.

The basic Cell made by used soft bodies and a turbulence field inside it, which indirectly gives it a molecular feel and wiggle.

Inside Cell Pre-vis  

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Just a quick test i did on the cell folding out on itself a week or so back. Due to it being a quick playbast it doesn't have all the transparency settings etc.

Intro Pre-vis  

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These are just some of the initial pre-vis is did about a week back, they are very basic and things have come a long way from what they were then. These have no textures, I was purely checking to see if the movement of the cells and membrane was working. I will be uploading more soon..


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This is how the basic layout of the animation would be, it can be subject to minor changes.


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These are the concepts for the three main scenes that would be in my animation. The first one is how the intro scene to the animation. Then its shows the membrane of a cell going through endocytosis and finally how the cell would look like at the end after evolving.

Research on Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes  

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I have been looking through many different resources and learning the differences between these cells, to the extend were i feel like a science student. When you look into these matters at a molecular level its almost as if you were in another world. There are a lot of facts that we still don't know about the cells, but from what i can gather Prokaryotic cells take in other primitive organisms to get energy and in return they provide protection for these organisms. The process by which they gather the resources is called endocytosis, which is an amazing feat in itself. The cells plasma membrane starts to fold on itself and then the outside membrane closes in taking the objects inside the cell.

Then slowly endoplasmic reticulum and nuclear envelopes develop inside the cell, the main energy process starts when the cells starts to engulf aerobic heterotrophic prokaryotes, which then change to mitochondria. Its an amazing process by which the prokaryote cells evolve into a self sustaining eukaryote cell.

There is still a lot more for me to learn on these amazing cells and how they evolved from an ancestral prokaryote to the eukaryotes.

Cell Development and Target Audience  

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After looking through all the different options and research each of them further, the one that i found most interesting was how the cells evolved from prokaryotes to eukaryotes. As everything in life is build on cells i found it very interesting to work with. After reading through countless sites and books i am totally amazed at the ability of cells to evolve naturally and be able to use other primitive organisms to help themselves grow. Nevertheless in the time line we have the cell development was quite a simple and yet complex project.

My target audience for this project would be undergraduate students as I wish to make this project a bit complex and ascetically pleasing. I wish to tackle the project in a mature way so that more mature audience could understand the different aspects of the animation.

Unit 6 : Commision  

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The last project is a client based one, were your required to produce a complete CG animations of 2 minutes. You would also be required to come up with a pitch for the client, which will let him know how your progress is going. We are also required to pick our target audience to present the animation too.

Your required to pick one out of the four different scenarios that was given to us by the client, i will be looking into the different options and then deciding on the best scenario to go with.