The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari  

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When I watched this movie for the first time in class, at first I found it profoundly hard to understand the story with the lack of sound. This was my very first time for watch a movie of this type, at the beginning I found it quite boring and dull. However as the story progressed i began to grasp the story and gain a better understanding of the characters in the movie. I have to say that the actors expressions were fantastic, as they were compensating for the lack of sound through there expressions. Which in no way would have been easy, so i have to hand it to the actors on their talent.

Towards the end I was well immersed into the characters and the main storyline, i have say even thought I wasn't one of my favourite the movie was very unique and interesting to watch.  Once again the cameras and scenes used into the movies were create for its time. Even though I would never watch a silent movie this particular one was very fascinating to me.

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in regards to what Phil has said, I shall go into a bit more detail as to what you should have in your blog by now.
1.An analysis of the 3 scenes you are illustrating with sketches and annotations.

2. Research into the genre and examples of how others have tackled this subject.

3. Numerous thumbnail drawings, sketches and notes.

4. Visual research to identify and justify the "Look" of your universe.

5. Preliminary drawings that are starting to focus your research and experimentation to a starting point for your 3 final images.

Ideally this needs to done and up ASAP.... Remember scan don't photograph sketchbook pages and reference material.

Hope that helps as a checklist.

11 November 2009 at 16:40

thanks a lot, that helps make things a lot more simpler. I really appreciate the advice!!


12 November 2009 at 21:56

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