Story Revision!  

Posted by Aj

The story starts off with a young woman in hospital bed, with bandages all over and she is rather sad about the events that took place over the past few days. All of a sudden we see series flash backs of how the events in the last few days unfolded. We see a quick glimpse of a poster recruiting actors for a famous witch movie. We see another flash back with the young woman standing next to the poster reading it and smiling. The next flash back brings us to the young women in front of a building with a sign that says " Wonder Witch Auditions". Then another flash we see all the judges laughing at the young woman. then we see her leaving the building hutched over and dragging herself along. 

The story slows down and the woman is home and sitting on her sofa rather depressed, she also has a large bottle of whisky in her hands. She says to herself "Even being a real witch I couldn't get the part, I am pathetic and a disgrace to witches" Alas we now realise that she is a real witch and being turned down at the auditions really affected her more than an average person. She then thinks to herself " I should go over there and turn those idiots who call themselves judges into frogs....hmm but what good would that do...." She then takes several more sips of whisky before she realises that it was almost all finished. "Gosh I hate this I need to get some fresh air, were is that damn broom of mine when I need it." 

Now we see her flying out of her house on her broom sick, zig zagging out of control. She briefly enjoys the fresh air, before completely losing control of her broom. All of a sudden she is spiralling out of control and heading towards he hospital nearby, she tried to regain control but it was in vain. There is a big crash and she ends up hurtling head long into the hospital window. Now we catch up with the present and once again we see the young witch on the hospital bed regretting that she ever got drunk.

The Cutting Edge : Magic of Movie Editing  

Posted by Aj

This truly is a wonderful documentary, its informative and clearly shows what is for many, something of an invisible art. We can clearly see the contribution made by the Directors, Actors, Cinematographers and the sound engineers. However the role of a film editor has never been really understood or fully recognised. While watching the documentary the directors and editors were able to show exactly what goes in the editing room.

Going through the history of editing, how it all came to be and the changes it has went through so far was very interesting. There were interviews with some of the legends of the film industry which included editors and directors. This also made sure you had a clear perspective of how a movie comes about from the both the angles. "Cutting Edge" really does prove that editors can make or break a film as in the end it all comes down to the hands of the editors to put the movie together and make viewable by the audience.

The Bouncing Ball  

Posted by Aj

First of the many animation that i am going to do hopefully. Always fun to do alan's tutorials as you learn a great deal from the videos.

Essay : Jurrasic Park  

Posted by Aj

I was looking through the different movies that i could use for my essay, moreover i was trying to find a movie that i truly enjoyed in the sense of directing and story. So i have decided to go for Jurassic Park. The movie was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993, it was an amazing movie at its time and is still enjoyed to this very day. Knowing Steven Spielberg there are some great shots and directing in the movie, especially in some of the action scenes of the movie, the directer creates an intense and thrilling experience for the audience.


I am also going to use the same movie for the storyboarding criteria of the  brief, as i have always appreciated the skill put into the movie.

Idea for the Story!  

Posted by Aj

Well i was thinking about the different story ideas i had in regards to the three object, which were witch, whisky and hospital. Over the weekend i wrote down and refined some of the ideas and picked the one that i thought was the most feasible.

My aim was to make the story centred around the witch, and i wanted to place her into some sort of a sad romantic story. I also wanted to try and add some comdey gags into the story and this is were the whisky and hospital came into its place.

Basic layout of story

  •  Witch has a terrible break up with her lover as she told him the truth about her real identity.
  • She's at home  feeling very sad so she finds some whisky in the cupboard.
  • Quickly without realising she had drunk almost all of the bottle in her sorrow.
  • She's now absolutely drunk and thinks to her self she needs some fresh air.
  • Grabs her broomstick, while stumbling around drunk.
  • We see her flying through the sky, zig zagging around out of control.
  • She loses control and crashes into a hospital causing a  racket.
  • Final scene we see her in a hospital bed, in badges.
I had a few more ideas, but i figured this was the most interesting and funny one. It maybe a bit magical in some sense, but i wanted to see where i could take the story. Any advice or thoughts are welcome.

P.S Sorry phil i couldn't make it to the Story Session, had to go to Bristol due to some personal problems and just got back couple of hours back.

La Jetée (1962)  

Posted by Aj

La Jetée is one of the most ineteresting piece of movie or should i call it art that i have seen. It almost seems like the perfect mix of quality and content.

The film is mostly made up of black and white photographs. Hanich (Main Character) is picked to be a the guinea pig of an scientific experiment, in number of sessions he travels backwards to the past were he has mysterious encounters with a woman to whom he feels a strong attraction. He also travels to the future towards the later parts of the experiment, were he finds other human beings who have also travelled through time and are willing to help save him.

The movie had an immense amount of atmosphere and beautiful photographic skills, it really is a true master piece of art. The direction of how the pictures were presented with the various  sounds which clearly build up the tension of the movie was amazing. The story revolves around hanich going back to his childhood to understand the true meaning of a mysterious memory that haunted him since his childhood, which was a death of a man and the woman that he couldn't forget.

All in all i love how the film was directed and is truly something that's motivated me to look at story telling a lot more thoughtfully. Few days back was the first time i watched it and i thought it would be a boring movie
but i was was very wrong, it made it clear to me that a good story is everything.

On a side note coming down some serious fever, hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Unit 4 - Story Telling  

Posted by Aj

The next project primarily focuses on the pre production of one minute moving animation. This project is all about using your skills in story telling and making Pre-Vis. everyone was given a randomly chosen three words which we would have to base our story around.

 The words that i recieved were

  • Witch
  • Whisky
  • Hospital
This is probably the most interesting and the hardest of all the project so far, i am really looking forward to working hard on this project and see what i come up with.