Blimp Research  

Posted by Aj

While designing my main story character i was looking through different types of blimps and the various designs they come in. I wanted to created some thing that was rather curvy and rounded to give a sense of humour to the character.

Firstly started looking at the rather old school and more traditional blimps out there.

I was thinking this would give the character more of a serious look which I wasn't aiming for. So I started looking at the different shapes of blimps out there.

This was more of the shape i was looking for as it portrays a more funny and humorous character.

Unit 5 Animation  

Posted by Aj

After being pulled back by some family problems, finally getting a chance to catch up with some of the work, looking throught the unit i am really looking forward to doing traditional animation, even though i am not a great drawer i think it will help me improve my skills in drawing at the same time as well.

Well the words i got for my story are :

The Neverous : Easily agitated or distressed; high-strung or jumpy. Marked by or having a feeling of unease or apprehension.

Blimp : A blimp, or non-rigid airship, is an airship without an internal supporting framework or keel. A non-rigid airship differs from a semi-rigid airship and a rigid airship (e.g., a Zeppelin) in that it does not have any rigid structure, neither a complete framework nor a partial keel, to help the airbag maintain its shape. Rather, these aircraft rely on both a higher pressure of the lifting gas (usually helium) inside the envelope and the strength of the envelope itself.

So taking these wiords into consideration i am going to be working on my story through this week and hopefully come up with something soon.

Style of the Main Character  

Posted by Aj

I have been looking into the different ways i can draw my main character out, i have tried messing with real life drawings, hyper realism and cartoon. While doing this i remembered the animations Tim Burtons Corpse Bride and also the Nightmare Before Christmas and this gave me an idea to make my witch in the sameStyle as these movies, but with a 70's kinda of outfit. Some of the images i took reference from are shown below.

Character Design Research  

Posted by Aj

I was looking into the different female icons and characters trying to figure out what kinda of look i wanted my main character to have. I decided to for a 70's era feel to the whole movie, from the different ideas and research I did, I believe that its the best theme for my story.