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Once again I was quite fearful of how I would manage digital paintings, as i have never used a tablet before at all. Once i got to the lesson phil was really helpful and showed me some really good techniques. and also gave me some tips on how to work with digital art. This helped me get started on the drawings straight away, at first, things didn't look so great due to my lack of experience but as time went on i could see how the design was taking form slowly.

I have to say I enjoyed it a lot more than drawing in real life, as it seems easier to put what i am thinking onto paper well in this case the computer. If you make mistakes you can easily go back and correct or change it, which is another aspect I love about digital painting. The drawing tablet is just great and it really allows the user to be flexible their work. I am just going to show a few of the digital painting I did in the digital workshops.

This is the first every digital art i have done (ever), I was trying to make a scene which would be related to the never ending story. There are many scenes were you see the character is flying over mountains and forest.s So keeping that in mind i was able to come up with this concept. firstly I did a major part of the concept on one layer, however after a while phil came over and explained how it would be better to make the concepts using foreground, mid and background layers. So following the advice and these principles i was able to draw the image above.

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