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Let me first confess that I absolutely loved ALIEN. This movie took horror films too a new level. This film takes the audience on a excursion into a nightmare where you feel you can never wake up from. The errie feeling of the dark and foreboding ship, likeable characters, the first real looking cyborg with his own agenda, and the most terrifying creature in movie history, makes this an instant classic.

The story is a classic Sci-Fi flick. The working class crew of the spaceship Nostromo  encounter an unknown distress call that leads them to a primordial planet. There they encounter a derelict spaceship housing the skeletal remains of an alien victim . Kane is attacked by a “face-hugger” that emerges from an egg and latches onto his face and implants a seed in his stomach . Back on ship, the alien spawn eats its way out of his chest and grows into an upright monstrosity that kills off most of the rest of the crew, their efforts to defend themselves hampered by the fact that Ash, their science officer (Ian Holm), turns out to be a robot programmed to retrieve a living alien, for the benefit of the anonymous “Company” that funded the mission. Finally, sole survivor Ripley sets the self-destruct mechanism and takes off in the escape pod — only to find the alien inside with her. She manages to don a spacesuit and unlock a hatch, blowing the creature out into the vacuum of space — and blowing it away with the escape pods thruster engines for good measure.

Overall the movie was brilliant and a all time classic, every corner had you gripping your seat from pure classic horror. One of the best movies i have seen but have to say the sequels were rather disappointing but entertaining nevertheless.

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Evening Aj - good to see you catching up with the reviews, but reviews are like assessment; it's always better to 'write-up' as soon as possible after the experience, or you risk missing out on the immediacy of your first reaction... also, come on, Aliens is a great sequel - maybe the greatest - and I also a secret fan of Alien 3 (an unpopular choice, I know, but I love how bleak it is and it has a great score)...

Meanwhile, how's the concept art coming along? I'm hoping to see lots of incremental posts showing how you build up your images - check out Leo or Ruben's blog for an example of what I'm looking for.

23 November 2009 at 23:18

Alien 3 is indeed a bit of a weird choice :P, i am not a big fan of the sequels but they are still fantastic movies for their time.

The concepts are coming along good, i am just trying to finish of the last of the three. In regards to the incremental posts i have drawn quite a few sketches but my scanner is broke and i am waiting for my new one to arrive (should be today or tomorrow hopefully) then i can scan them in.

24 November 2009 at 11:02

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