Character Design Class - 2  

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During the second class we went through some popular characters. we started to break each of these characters down to there basic shapes and realised that everything we see was based or built upon the basic shapes which are Circle, Square and Triangle.

Firstly we looked at the most common shape which was circle, each character no matter what form or shape had some form of a circle in them. E.g if we look at a character that was predominately made up of circle, the first one that comes to mind would be felixstone

Now if  we take a look at squares characters such as Superman would come to mind as the bold shapes are used to  show his strength. Square are most commonly used to represent strength, solidity and confidence.

  Now the infamous triangles, which are very common in the villains. This shape resembles evil, negative and danger. If we look at most of the villains that have been around they all have a large number of triangles in them.

The great part of it all is that some directors mix these shapes up to forum unique characters, each of which give of a different feeling.  Most of the characters now have a mixture of shapes which make them very distinctive. A prime example would be the character of Tarzan were we can clearly see there are many different predominant shapes present in his structure.

After the short talk we were given the task to make some henchmen for a made up villain, using a mixture of different shapes. Initially it was quite difficult to come out of the typical way of drawing character but towards the end i was getting the hang of it.

Overall it was a very interesting lesson were i gained a lot of understanding of the different shapes and how they are used in each characters.

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