Character Design Class - 3  

Posted by Aj

In our third character design lesson we started looking at the major differences between female and make characters. It immediately became clear that using shapes in a slightly different way or size  could give a vastly different feel to the character. We started to learn how these shapes were used differently in males and females.

Now as you can see they both are very similar character and at the same time they are different due to the different sizes of shapes used. Males tend to have broader shoulders in general compared to females who have broader hips and smaller shoulders.

We were then given the tasks draw random male characters and then draw them as female version of themselves, by manipulating the shapes.

I got obelix and even thoughh h was fairly round already, i soon found out that there is a clear difference in were females and males carry there body weight. This is a very important aspect when drawing female characters as they tend to carry there weight near the breast and hips areas.

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