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I had the theme of Mythic/Musketeer, it is a interesting combination. For the mythic part of things i was looking along the Greek mythology side of things and for the musketeer was just following the classic path. If we look at the what each of these stand for Mythic brings Imaginary and fictitious to mind. When you look at Musketeers some of the words that comes to my mind are french, muskets, swords, guards and armies.

The definition for the word is "A musketeer (French: mousquetaire) was an early modern type of infantry soldier equipped with a musket. Musketeers were an important part of early modern armies, particularly in Europe."

Now here is the Influence Map made up of the different ideas and thoughts i had while i referred to the two main themes.

 So far i intend to keep all my characters expect the sidekick to be humanoid. I will be trying to get a blend of Mythic and Musketeer, which always seems to bring to mind the image of a musketeer riding a Pegasus. Looking forward to the designing stage of things and to see how the character will turn out in the end.

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