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The story starts off with a young woman in hospital bed, with bandages all over and she is rather sad about the events that took place over the past few days. All of a sudden we see series flash backs of how the events in the last few days unfolded. We see a quick glimpse of a poster recruiting actors for a famous witch movie. We see another flash back with the young woman standing next to the poster reading it and smiling. The next flash back brings us to the young women in front of a building with a sign that says " Wonder Witch Auditions". Then another flash we see all the judges laughing at the young woman. then we see her leaving the building hutched over and dragging herself along. 

The story slows down and the woman is home and sitting on her sofa rather depressed, she also has a large bottle of whisky in her hands. She says to herself "Even being a real witch I couldn't get the part, I am pathetic and a disgrace to witches" Alas we now realise that she is a real witch and being turned down at the auditions really affected her more than an average person. She then thinks to herself " I should go over there and turn those idiots who call themselves judges into frogs....hmm but what good would that do...." She then takes several more sips of whisky before she realises that it was almost all finished. "Gosh I hate this I need to get some fresh air, were is that damn broom of mine when I need it." 

Now we see her flying out of her house on her broom sick, zig zagging out of control. She briefly enjoys the fresh air, before completely losing control of her broom. All of a sudden she is spiralling out of control and heading towards he hospital nearby, she tried to regain control but it was in vain. There is a big crash and she ends up hurtling head long into the hospital window. Now we catch up with the present and once again we see the young witch on the hospital bed regretting that she ever got drunk.

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As part of your forthcoming Animation project (Unit 5), you will be participating in a series of 2D animation workshops with Meg Bisineer – a sessional lecturer coming to us from the Royal College of Art.

Meg has asked that you equip yourselves with an ‘animator’s tool kit’. She recommends that you visit and purchase the following items BEFORE your first workshop on Friday 12th March.

Economy grade 60gsm A4 punched (1000 sheets – pre-punched) - £22.99

3-Pin Plastic Pegbar - £2.99

The pre-punched paper and the pegbar are both necessary for the effective registration of your drawings. You will be working on your own individual A4 lightboxes – which the course is providing. Yes, it’s going to cost you some money, but the pre-punched paper and pegbar will save you a great deal of time and prep. See below for further requirements for your animator’s tool kit

1) Sketchbooks: at least A5 size or bigger.

2) Pencils: HB & 2B.

3) Eraser / Sharpeners.

4) A blue or red colour pencil.

5) A4 paper - 60 gsm (60-80 sheets)*

6) A strip of thick cardboard : 15cm x 2 cm*

7) Masking tape*

8) Paper knife*

9) Ruler*

*Note – these items are necessary if you DON’T order the specified supplies from Chromacolour – as Meg will show you a basic way to create an alternate means of registration.

In terms of paper cost – share a box with a classmate and split the costs. The weight of the paper is important (60gsm) because it is translucent, thus allowing you to see through it to your previous drawings.

Also – if you haven’t got your hands on a copy yet, you should get hold of the following

The Animator's Survival Kit : A manual of methods, principle and formulas for classical, computer, games, stop motion and internet animators: by Richard Williams, published by Faber and Faber.

The Fundamentals of Animation by Paul Wells, published by AVA Publishing.

Meg has designed a very thorough curriculum for your 4 workshops - be amazing!

1 March 2010 at 22:07

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