La Jetée (1962)  

Posted by Aj

La Jetée is one of the most ineteresting piece of movie or should i call it art that i have seen. It almost seems like the perfect mix of quality and content.

The film is mostly made up of black and white photographs. Hanich (Main Character) is picked to be a the guinea pig of an scientific experiment, in number of sessions he travels backwards to the past were he has mysterious encounters with a woman to whom he feels a strong attraction. He also travels to the future towards the later parts of the experiment, were he finds other human beings who have also travelled through time and are willing to help save him.

The movie had an immense amount of atmosphere and beautiful photographic skills, it really is a true master piece of art. The direction of how the pictures were presented with the various  sounds which clearly build up the tension of the movie was amazing. The story revolves around hanich going back to his childhood to understand the true meaning of a mysterious memory that haunted him since his childhood, which was a death of a man and the woman that he couldn't forget.

All in all i love how the film was directed and is truly something that's motivated me to look at story telling a lot more thoughtfully. Few days back was the first time i watched it and i thought it would be a boring movie
but i was was very wrong, it made it clear to me that a good story is everything.

On a side note coming down some serious fever, hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

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