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Posted by Aj

Well i was thinking about the different story ideas i had in regards to the three object, which were witch, whisky and hospital. Over the weekend i wrote down and refined some of the ideas and picked the one that i thought was the most feasible.

My aim was to make the story centred around the witch, and i wanted to place her into some sort of a sad romantic story. I also wanted to try and add some comdey gags into the story and this is were the whisky and hospital came into its place.

Basic layout of story

  •  Witch has a terrible break up with her lover as she told him the truth about her real identity.
  • She's at home  feeling very sad so she finds some whisky in the cupboard.
  • Quickly without realising she had drunk almost all of the bottle in her sorrow.
  • She's now absolutely drunk and thinks to her self she needs some fresh air.
  • Grabs her broomstick, while stumbling around drunk.
  • We see her flying through the sky, zig zagging around out of control.
  • She loses control and crashes into a hospital causing a  racket.
  • Final scene we see her in a hospital bed, in badges.
I had a few more ideas, but i figured this was the most interesting and funny one. It maybe a bit magical in some sense, but i wanted to see where i could take the story. Any advice or thoughts are welcome.

P.S Sorry phil i couldn't make it to the Story Session, had to go to Bristol due to some personal problems and just got back couple of hours back.

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