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hroughout the summer I did do some drawings and sketches of different objects, I was a bit shocked when the black sketch book came through my post. However after a couple of days I got the email with details as to why we received the sketch book, i was able to start on some of the sketches. I was on holidays and just got back a week before the university started so i wasn't able to do a whole lot either.

But below I am going to show some of the sketches and drawings that I did, i am also going to talk a bit about the different sketches.

Character Designs

This was a quick sketch i did of the different basic movement that a character might use. I find it very useful to draw these as they give me an understanding of the different body movements and reactions.

This was a sketch of one of the characters that I designed, I wanted him to look very trendy and powerful. The clothing I gave the character gave him the look of a superhero. It took me quite a while to draw this character as I kept changing my mind about the different details.

This another one of the characters that I designed, I drew this first and then scanned it into photshop. I then used photoshop to colour the drawings in. Have to say the colouring in part took me a while.

Once again this is my third concept drawing of a character, I had a magical user in mind when drawing her. However I did not get the time to colour and finish the drawing off. Hopefully I am looking to make a game in the future with the different characters that i have drawn, I do have some basic ideas but still working on them.

For now I am trying to draw myself and other people faces, as I find it hard to draw detailed objects such as faces etc. However will be practising a lot more and hopefully throughout the period I am here I will be looking to improve a lot.

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