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At last virgin media decided to set up my internet and now I am officially on line. I know I got a bit of back tracking to do, so I am going to start to put all the work I have done onto the blogs.

I thought I would mention a bit about myself, I have already met most of the people on the course but there are still loads of people that I haven't met. I am looking forward to meeting the rest and getting  to know everyone in class.

My name is Aju Jacob but you can call me Aj, as people find it easier to pronounce. I love absolutely anything to do with Digital arts and animations. I just finished my national diploma in Media studies and 3D Animations, so looking forward to learning new things in uni. In my spare time I try and perfect my skills in 3D modelling and animations, I do love music and I enjoy playing the piano. Some of the other activities that I like are biking, swimming, reading, gym and martial arts (i watch too many kung fu movies) .


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Hi Aju, not sure if I gave you these before? Anyway, check them out, go say hello, 'follow' your classmates' blogs and see what everyone is up to - I'd suggest you've got some catching up to do, now that those nice people at Virgin have granted you access to the www...

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