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I wanted to get this uploaded a bit earlier however i didnt get a chance to do so, nevertheless here is the character profile and Synopsis.

Benjamin Dupr'e embarks on a dual mission from the village of Aden to join The Guardians and to take revenge on the monstrous beast that killed his father 12 years ago. In addition to the expected thieves, cut-throats and monsters on his journey to the palace of the king. The young swordsman must journey to the Forge of the Gods to defeat Valakas the infernal dragon.

Benjamin must fight alone if he has to but he is pleased to have the help of his special friend Tico the Pegasus, the gift from his father.  Now he won't rest till he fullfills his revenge and completes his quest join the Guardians of the palace.

Character Profiles

Hero :

Name:  Benjamin Dupr'e
Gender : Male
Race : Human
Age: Early 20's   
Height:  6'1
Build: Athletic

Character and Story :

Benjamin is friendly, humorous, fearless and driven by his quests. He is from the town called Aden, which is a small town of hard working people. He was affected by his father dying in his arms after receiving  fatal injuries from fighting Valakas. He has always been driven by the need to take revenge for his father.  He never had the love of his mother either as she died during child birth. However he is a simple and funny guy and he doesn't let the past get in his way but rather uses it as his motivation. There is one thing he longs for the most after he avenges his fathers death  he wants to become a part of the Guardians. This is a group of the best musketeers around the world who form a alliance to guard the king, his father was a member of the Guardians and he wants to carry his legacy forward.

Strength and Skills :

He has always been trained in the ways of the sword by his father since a young age, so he is extremely skilled in the use of the sword. Above all he was taught the musketeer code of honour which comes first for all true musketeers.  He is also very agile and loves to do challenging stunts and acrobatics in his spare time.


His weakness is  women, he is always distracted by them wherever he travels, which always tends to get him into mischievous trouble.

To revenge the death of his father
To become the best musketeer in the land.

Draco Valakas (Villain)

Name:  Draco Valakas
Gender:  unknown
Race: Dragon
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown

Many details of this monster is unknown, as hardly anyone has survived after facing it.

Character and Story :

Not a lot is known about this dragon other than through myths and legends, it's an ancient dragon supposedly one of the children of Shilan (Goddess of War). Valakas inhabits a volcanic terrain in the land known as the Forge of the Dragons. He unleashes his wrath on nearby cities destroying many towns and killing innocent people. Ever since the story has been written, heroes have tried to slay this beast but it was in vain. He is very powerful and is a fire dragon from the depths of hell itself.

Strength and Skills :

It's main strength is the ability to manipulate and blow fire from its mouth. Its skin is  project by magical scales which make it impenetrable.

It only has one weakness the magical crystal that gives it powers, located at the upper part of its throat and is unprotected by the magical scales. If destroyed it would killed the infernal dragon.

Goals and Motivation
To kill any trespassers in its territory and to cause chaos to the lands. Its ravenous hunger for humans and its lust for power is well known and this causes it to attack many towns and kill many innocent people.


Name:  Tico
Gender:  Male
Race:  Pegasus

Character and Story :
Tico was given to Benjamin by his dad as a gift on his birthday, they grew up together and helped Tico formed a very strong friendship and attachment to Benjamin. He is a very humorous and funny character but at the same time wise in times of need. 

Strength and Skills :
Tico being a magical creature has the ability to fly.

Tico is mortal so he can be  hurt or killed.

Goals and Motivation
Tico as a baby was very close to Benjamin's father  and also Benjamin's father dyeing request was for Tico to help him whatever the cost. So Tico has set out with Benjamin to help him on his quest.

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