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I was initially trying different things trying to come up with my musketeer and the sidekick. I had a clear idea of how i wanted my main characters to look like, so i went ahead and drew up some basic sketches.

Firstly i wasn't trying to work out the body structure of the character and what kind of physic he would have, so i started by messing around with basic shapes etc. ( warning scans aren't perfect)

I then decided to have my main characters as a male so went ahead and researched body structures and poses. Finally came up with my own basic sketches for the main character and side kick.

Now for the main concepts i initially done and these were the drawings i showed Colin as well to get some feedback.

I was quite happy with what i had and thought it was kinda perfect to be honest, but once i had a word with Colin he said that the character looked more futuristic cowboy than a musketeer. However he was happy with the feel of the sidekick. Colin helped me out by drawing a quick sketch based on my initial drawings of what he thought a typical musketeer should or would look like.

So for me it was time to have a rethink on my character and how i could make him look like a typical musketeer and at the same time unique. I went back to the basics and started drawing from scratch again, so it was back to stick figures for me.

So working through it i managed to come up with a solid pose and body structure for my character, i was looking for something that went with musketeers, so i didn't want him to be too muscular or too lean. I wanted the character to look strong and at the same time be very agile. I was quite happy with what i had so far and now i went on to add the details, by keeping what Colin told me in mind.

So i came up with these, however i felt the character was still lacking something there, so took a break from drawing just to refresh myself and went back to referencing and looking at musketeers. After several days of trial and error i came up with a similar design but with a few detail that were changed but made a drastic difference to the feel of the character.

Now i was very happy with the outcome of the character and i felt that it had a musketeer feel to it and also i managed to add a taste of mythic into it. As you can see i didn't bother with the head at the moment as i wanted to work separately on that. I also came up with the design for the back of the character fairly quickly as the clock was quite straight forward to draw and there wasn't much detail there.

Now as i was happy with the body side of things i decided to go ahead and work on the head structure of the character. I had a clear image of exactly what i wanted from the character and how he should look. I wanted a look that portrayed strenght and courage. Justin's classes were a greate help here as he talked lot about how different shapes can portray different things.

Initially i made the character with hair and no hat for asthetic reasons, i was quite happy with the first attempt i had with my characters face, as its exactly what i was looking for in the character and so i decided to stick with it.



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