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I the the Australian born hyper realist sculptor is  a very good example of an artist who works with the uncanny, making truly realistic human models. Each of the models are made with such fine details they look very human like. Each of the sculptors are different body parts made in double the scale of a real humans body part, however there are a few full figured human  sculptors.

The following sculptor is know as , Mother and Baby, 2001. It is that of a mother and baby together right after the mother had given birth to her child, it was a moment when any mother is in there most vulnerable yet happiest time. The image is so real it is very uncanny as it leaves the audience wanting to know if its real or not. it is still a beautiful sculptor capturing a moment in time that is the most happiest for any parent or mother.

 I am going to show some further examples of his work that left me with a feeling of ambiguity, thinking if the sculptors are real or not. The following picture is of a baby girl that was made just like a real infant down to the very small details. While looking at this work it made me realise how far we have come as humans with technology and we are able to make such detailed replicas of ourself's.

 This sculptor is of a boy is a another wonder piece that was done by Ron, here the boy is about five meters high know as "Boy" (1999), the sculptor would tell a different story to each person that looks at it, that's why i love this sculptor piece. It made me think about how the position, size and expressions can help tell a story and also make it uncanny. E.g if i were to look at the figure I would say the boy was scared of something, so all we can do is think about the story behind the character, but yet we don't have a clear idea of what has happened to him.

This is my favourite from his work and was shown to us during our brief  by phil too. But personally i think it is an amazing work of art, from the pictures I’d seen it almost looked caricatured, the depth of detail and realism brings it to life with an almost eerie quality coupled with it’s overwhelming size. I think everyone tried to go outside of their human limitations to get further than anyone has gone before and thats exactly what Ron Mueck is trying to do.

I absolutely love Ron Muecks work and i think his technical proficiency to makes models with such detail that it gives the audience a sense of ambugity and uncanny- ness, is amazing.

Here ism a video of this sculptors there are a lot more of them than i could show here.

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Much better AJ it seems as though you are staring to share with us your thoughts rather than 'quoting' someone else If you want to think a little more about replicating people, then check out 'Reborn Babies' They are quite strange and disquieting I have a video on my blog.

14 December 2009 at 13:24

well thanks to your advice i am doing that now :)

14 December 2009 at 14:44

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