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So after reading through phils comments, I am keen on stepping things up. I was kind of stuck on my portrait ideas so I thought I would research a bit more on artists. I wanted to go outside the artists that were mentioned within the presentations so I stepped back into the past and remembered some of the artists that were mentioned when I was a kid. These were quite famous artists in India and I have seen some of their work and found it brilliant for the time period in which they were created. These artists I think give an insight into how colours can be used to influence portraits and the emotions that they portray.

Ravi Varma

Raja Ravi Varma one of the most famous Indian painters, he was born in a keralite royal family. He learned painting from Indian painters and later from a British painter. I find his drawings very beautiful and his depiction of Indian beauty in his drawing very interesting.

 I love this drawing due to the use of bright colours and its strong references to cultural background. You can see that this is very traditional form of women back in 1980's in India, however the techniques he used were very western, he also used modern hues and oils in his work and because of the western influence in his paintings. His work really got me thinking about how we can portray our emotions and feelings using colours and different body poses.

William H Johnson
Once again an artist that used colours more than perfect picture drawings to express himself in this drawings. His work puts emphasises on colours and gave me some ideas about messing with the colours on my portrait, so once I get back to London I will upload some of my portrait pieces I have been working on.


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