The Elephant Man  

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The Elephant Man tells us the story of John Maverick and his difficult life due to physical deformity.

It was a rather sad story about a man despised by everyone due to being physically disfigured from birth. When the movie started it almost had a felt like a horror movie, although as the movie progressed further we gain an understanding of the characters background and this felling changes. However at the start we only get glimpses of the elephant man and leaving the rest up to our imagination. I was very curious to see the character and how he looked, as it was the first time I was watching the movie. However as we progress through the story we are shown the full extend of the characters deformities and problems, and he is abused and bullied due to it.

At first I had a sense of reproach and disgust about the character, but then this is why we humans are so prejudice in some sense. We see something different or out of the ordinary and we feel scared or threatened by it. Nevertheless as the story carries on we learn about him as a person and my feeling towards the character completely changed to sympathy and sadness. You end up realising that inside he is just another human being with all the emotions and thoughts that we have.

I personally loved the movie as I thought it gave out a message to people about judging others by their physical attributes rather than getting to know them first. The movie was directed very beautifully and with a great storyline.

Once again all of this comes down the identity issue, were does the identity of a human being lie ? In his face, body or Soul?. Others felt repulsed by John Maverick due to his physical body not being the same as everyone else and maybe without that we find it hard to grasp the identity of the person. Well towards the end of it all i was just happy that he did find some nice people who cared and loved him.

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