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When phil was showing us through the presentations, some of the artists really caught my eye. I admired their different work of art and also liked the way they made their pieces. Most of these artists appeal to me mainly due to there work being very experimental and interesting.

The artists are :

Albert Durer
Chuck Close
Gerhard Riehtrer

Albert Durer

I found this artist very interesting because even thought it might be something of a classic or typical piece of portrait work, it isn't. The artist through his painting tries to tell us about his life and the changes its gone through. Like in this particular piece you can see that he has put a window behind him and this represents that he has travelled and matured. I think in some aspects this related to me as I have now travelled away from home to stay in Kent and study.

Chuck Close

This piece of work done by chuck close has always inspired me to experiment with arts. I worked on this piece as a project for my GCSE's as well. So I do have a particular liking to the picture, I think it shows that the artists has an open mind and also he is willing to go outside the box. If you take a close look at the art you can see that each pixel is made up of different colours, the art piece has a very vibrant use of colour.

Gerhand Richter

I have to say I found this piece very interesting, I first saw this piece of art when phil showed us the power point presentation. I immediately took a liking to it as I found it very bizarre and almost as if its challenging the viewer. As most people would agree I do find this picture a bit haunting, its almost as if one day you would find the picture just turning around and look at you. This picture is one of my favourites now as its unique and different from most of the work out there.

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