Character Design Class - 1  

Posted by Aj

We started of our Character Design class by looking through prime examples of hero's, villains and sidekicks from the past. I found the lessons to be very informative as we began to notice the  typical ways in which the characters are portrayed.

Some of the examples we watched included classic examples such as Hercules, Mulan, Monster Inc and Aladdin.

What we gathered from watching all the different character designs was that they were all portrayed using a particular style to make them look appealing to the audiences. This went back to basic principles of using certain shapes to portray humanoid features.

Colours played a big part as you could notice that the main hero's would normally tend to have bright or attractive colours. As opposed to the villains having darker colour, elogated and a  thin look. Also in the actions and roles these characters play are very typical, were villains tend to exaggerate there action to show that they are evil. Heros would do obvious heroic poses and actions throughout the story.

We also learned a lot about sidekicks and how they are used mainly for the purpose of comic relief. What you can notice about the sidekicks is that majority of them aren't humanoid. They also tend to have a good sense of humor and are a bit crazy in there acting.

Afterwords we were given random combinations of words to start drawing characters from and the ones i received were Aquatic Model and Vampire Clown.

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