Invasion of the Body Snatchers  

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This was our very first movie for the unit, we watched the original 1956 version of the movie. The film was a sci-fi horror tale based on a novel by finney. The main story starts with a group of San Fransisco people who discover that the city is gradually being taken over by aliens known as "pods", these aliens came to earth as spores, grow into exact duplicates of their victims and then take them over while they sleep.

From the start itself they had an eerie music that slowly starts to builds up, while the music itself causes tension in the background giving you a feel of unease. The story was very classy and beautifully directed, the camera shots and pacing gave you a sense of uncanny from the very beginning. As the story goes a bit more further the alien conspiracy becomes very clear to us. One aspect of the movie was that its left a lot to the viewers imagination and this really helped create a sense of unease and suspense. As the story goes on we almost have a sense of paranoia and alienation through the different sound effects used in the movie.

When the character find the replica bodies in the shed we have a real sense of uncanny, as the character sare familiar with the people that are being replicated. I really enjoyed this movie as it had a classic horror and thriller essence and story with elements of love which makes it a perfect movie. As we move towards the end of the movie we are so absorbed into the story that I really wanted the main characters to the escape the clutches of the pods. In the end they movie leaves you hanging as your not sure what happens afterwards, if the characters are returned to normal or the whole worlds gets taken over.

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Nice AJ I can see you are trying to get your opinion across, well done. I look forward to reading about:
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