Unit 2 : Space - The Never Ending Story  

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Well I been a bit lazy and not updated my blog and on top of that been really ill for the last few days, so the new project has been given the title "Space". Everyone was given a random folder which would include a set of extracts from which you would have to develop your concept, i got the folder 10, which was the Never ending story. The main task at hand for this unit is to create concept art based on your extracts which will give a sense of depth and space. Once again being quite weak at art I am going to give it my best and i already have loads of ideas that i have drawn up. Really looking forward to this project as its more commissioned and its different to what I have done before.

The extracts I found in my assigned folder were as mentioned from the Never Ending Story, which is a German fantasy novel by Micheal Ende, which was then translated by Ralph Manheim. I have read the novel as a child and it was a absolute delight to read through as i remember. As the majority of the story took place in this fantasy world called Fanastica ( known as Phantasien in the original novel). The main story revolved around a young warrior, who is asked by a sick empress to set off and find the cure for their world. The other main character is the boy in the real world, a reader of the novel with the same name, to who the story gradually becomes a reality.

The main outcome i plan to have by the end of this project is to create a visually amazing concept art, which should at the same times represent the main theme of your extract. I have already read through the three different extracts in my folder and have a lot of ideas i am looking forward to developing. I have also when out and got my self a copy of the original movie, as i was very ineterested to watch it again and analyse the movie for futher ideas and thoughts.

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Interim Online Review - Unit 2 : Space 10/11/09

Enough already, Aj - okay?

What makes you think I'm interested in a blog about 'how lazy you've been'?

Can I suggest you go visit Ruben's blog at http://rubensblogpage.blogspot.com/
or Leo's blog at http://ltsang.blogspot.com/
or Richard's blog at http://richard-vc.blogspot.com

Sure - I've no doubt that you'll manage to produce something in time for the crit because you're technically proficient and you obviously have a brain - but let me put it this way for you; let's imagine that I'm looking for people to employ; you've just turned up late with a crap attitude and charming smile - but I don't care and you're back in the job centre...

This is how we do things on this course, Aj. This is how I want things. Make a decision and make it quickly.

See the second post for general advice re. the written assignment.

10 November 2009 at 18:57

Written Assignment stuff…

Some general structural advice regarding framing your essay in the more general context of ‘production design’ – by way of introduction to your specific case-study (i.e. the movie or game of choice), you’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of the purpose of production design/designers in enshrining certain ‘narrative values’ within the look of the production; you should discuss the general aims/objectives/definitions of production design – see below:

“Before designing anything, the designer develops a "design concept," an overarching metaphor for the film's appearance that governs individual choices. This "concept" may or may not be established in conjunction with the director. Once settled upon, however, it structures all decisions made, helping the art staff to give an individual film visual distinction.”
Read more: http://www.filmreference.com/encyclopedia/Independent-Film-Road-Movies/Production-Design.html#ixzz0WRjZ6wTX

You’ll find alternative definitions that you may want to include, but your following analysis of your chosen exemplar should be an in-depth discussion of that ‘overarching metaphor’ that organizes all the various components of the production’s design; you need to be looking for recurring motifs, colour values, use of space, set-design etc. that, collectively, create ‘the look’ and be able to talk insightfully about the narrative contribution of ‘the look’ – i.e. – how does it assist in the audience’s understanding of the narrative or thematic framework.
IMPORTANT; try and think of your written assignments as ‘complete worlds’ – i.e., that they must contain all information necessary for your reader to follow your discussion coherently. Never presume prior knowledge on the behalf of your reader; do not, for instance, presume that your reader understands or is familiar with ‘Production Design’ – you always need to define your terms WITHIN the essay; likewise with films and games; give their release date, their director etc. Use footnotes to give definitions or information that would otherwise interrupt flow of argument; for instance, if you don’t want to pause rhythm of sentence by giving reader additional information about a particular artist or designer, use a footnote to put this data into the ‘margins’ of the discussion. On Word, goto to Insert and then ‘Footnote’ to install footnote at bottom of page.

AVOID DESCRIPTION – obviously, you will need to give some plot details to contextualise the scenes you want to discuss, but I don’t want a blow-by-blow account of the game/film; give a brief prĂ©cis and get on with the ANALYSIS.

Below is a list of useful websites; use them in addition to other sources of reference (books, docs, making ofs) to SUPPORT your observations; you need to gather EVIDENCE to corroborate with your analysis. GENERIC observations (i.e. ‘stating the bloody obvious’) are to be avoided at all costs. Tell me something I DON’T know!



The gloves are coming off; the brief asks you to produce 1,500 words… and that’s what I want; shortfall assignments will be penalized accordingly – or failed.

10 November 2009 at 18:58

Srry phil :(, i will try harder from now on to keep on top of things, i just seem to be bad at organising things. I am still kind of getting used to blogging as i have never done it before. Will keep on top of things from now and thanks for the advice!!!

10 November 2009 at 22:50

I hate nagging creative people - it's such a waste of time and energy! (Mine, yours... sigh). Let's break out of this Groundhog Day routine, shall we? You've come here to be amazing and gifted, right? Show me the money!!! :-)

11 November 2009 at 18:47

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