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 I am just going to quickly talk about the different ideas that i have had about my portrait throughout the last few weeks. Main thoughts that came to my mind first were, I wanted to do a portrait were I could should show that different emotions that i was going through and also the fact that I travelled away from home.

Idea 1

This was me trying to draw myself in a more conventional way of how portraits are done, the idea came from the artist Albert Durer, I liked the way he was able to show a progress of his life through his portraits. I was trying to get a similar effect through my portrait. However I found that it still wasn't expressing the emotions that I wanted for the portrait to show.

Idea 2

Not being able to express things the way i wanted, it made me look towards Gerhand Richter, her work was very interesting, especially the one were she had her head turn completely. This gave a sense of mystery and showed us that the artists wanted the viewers to try and imagine what she was going through. So i went a head and tried to do a similar effect, but by using some of the new vector techniques I learned in technical lessons.

 Here I used illustrator to draw myself looking away from the viewers, this gives a sense of mystery once again. I made the background black to add emphasis to the character in the middle and also you can see a show of London scenery in the face, I did this to show that I was missing home or the place were I was from.

After this i was still searching for a method were i could express more emotion, I turned my attention to photography. I didn't have a great camera or a studio so i had to do with what I had. So I tried playing around with lighting a bit to try and give a sense of sadness or sorrow.

Idea 3

 Here i was trying to capture the emotions that I was going through at that particular time. I light casts shadow on the other side of the face almost giving a sense of sadness and sorrow in the portrait.

Here once again i am trying to portray to the viewers a glimpse of the characters dark and light side. I believe that we all have a mask of some sort that we wear at all times. We never really reveal ourself to others, so my final portrait will be based upon this idea.

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I like the one which is ..Vector drawing? (I guess?)
And ofcourse, your fynal portrait you presented at the crit presentation! It's great to me, because I like when the work is looking great aestheticaly. :)

23 October 2009 at 20:54

thanks jj your was really awesome as well :)

26 October 2009 at 10:26

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